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[24 Aug 2008|01:32am]
[ mood | creative ]

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[28 Jul 2008|01:22am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

yesterday i went to the celebrate ludlow thinger by myself to watch the fireworks. lots of young kids. i remember when i was that age.. life was fun.
today i went to the mall with tiffany. i bought make up from sephora, a couple of shirts from express, and fabulous bio fit bras from victoria's secret. <3
then we went back to nick's and watched the big lebowski. then we went to ruby tuesday's. :]
ashley lost one of her snake's today, so i went over to try to help her find it, to no avail. i hope he turns up.. it was the "bad" one, go figure.

i did a lot today, i wish i had tomorrow off also.



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[25 Jul 2008|11:43pm]
[ mood | i did this earlier ]

its time to turn over a new leaf. definatly. new direction. new sign. yeah.

daily life has been kind of monotonous lately. i have a pretty fixed scedual at work now, and its a day schedual. this is the first summer in 2.. TWO years, that i havent done overnights. i cant believe it. ive been waiting for this for so long.. and now.... i realized..... DAYTIME SUCKS REALLY BAD A LOT SOMETIMES! ..ya dig? but yeah.. im actually getting used to it. haveing a fixed schedual is helping me to realize that every day is totally different, a few are just a little worse than others.. (have i mentioned i hate my job yet?) but yeah, i work 2-9 pretty much every day. which is a lie, because i always end up staying about 50 minutes later to cash out.. but yeah, schedualed 2-9. everyday except for wednesdays and sundays.. i get those days off.. joy.

so here's how my full day usually goes. i wake up at around 12ish, then go back to sleep every nine minuted until about 1pm. then i get out of bed, take 10 minutes or so to get myself in the shower.. cuz i get distracted easily, shower, get dressed INTO MY UNIFORM, gross, blowdry my hair, do my hair.. which is the trickiest part about getting ready, then leave for work about 10 minutes before i need to be in. then i hate my life (most of the time) for 9 hours and 50 minutes. then i go home and smoke a lil bit. it helps. then i play spider solitaire. i play it every day, not joking. and now that i have napster, yeah.. i downloaded napster one day, but now that i have it i can listen to anything i feel like. at any give moment. as long as they have it.. but sometimes the best part, is exploring music. yeah i kinda love napster at the moment. i love owning cds, but i cant aford it/dont have times to go buy them cuz the mall isnt open at 1am/dont know what i would buy anyways.. so i listen to music and play spider solitaire.. when i get bored i check myspace or something. or sometimes ill clean my room if it needs it while listening to music.. then i proceed go downstiars and eat something. watch tv. watch a movie maybe? hang out with leroy? whatever. then... at around 4am.. think about going to bed... and fall asleep at around 5 or on a particularly insomniatic night, 6 but not after playing a game on my phone to make me sleepy.. then i sleep until 12ish when i am woken up by the alarm i set the morning before. proceed to hit snooze til 12:45 the latest, and start the cycle over again. days off, i dont wake up until my body feels like it, which is after 3pm. its time for something different.. cuz its getting boring.. and school starts in a month, and i have an 8am class. time for change indeed.

thats what ive been doing for the last month or so.. its a new moon and time for a new routine. i have more money now.. i should do something. but im really saving up for my vacation during the 3rd week of august. :D paid vacation? I FUCKING HOPE SO. ive been there close to 4 years, manager for 2 1/2, i kind of deserve one after the shitty overnights i did for them. appendicitis.. fuck you. yeah. im pretty excited.

tonight i went to ashley's house. she got 2 baby albino snakes. one is "bad", one is "good".
one is really skiddish and desnt like to be held, the other one is very super friendly and loves esploring your hands and arms. she still needs to name them.

celebate ludlow is tomorrow.. i just want to see the fireworks. but i love ludlow also.. always have. even though im starting to hate everyone who eats at the ludlow mcdonalds.. i still love my very busy between 5 and 8pm little town... yup

time to eat dinner.

i really need a back massage or a chiropractor.

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[08 Jul 2008|02:24pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

my car is no more.. we got rid of my tempooooo.. :[ buttttt, my dad got a new grand am, and its perrrty. :] and i drove it today :D ..so now the taurus is mine, which is pretty sweet.. and i get to take the new car once in a while, which is awesomeee. but i didnt get to say good bye to my tempo.. :[ thats the only downside. im gonna miss him.. hail storm/puddle muncher.. 1992-2008. rip <3



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[07 Jul 2008|02:10am]
[ mood | headache ]

despite the shitty fouth of july weather.. tonight it finally started to feel like summer.. the night air was hot, muggy, and felt like a jungle. summer jungle. yup. hello july.. whats up?

lets just see if the sun will join us now.. im over this rain shiiiiiiiit..


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[26 Jun 2008|04:20pm]
[ mood | clean ]

so, it's summer time. for me that means working constantly and doing absolutly nothing constuctive in my off time, except for hang out with my fabulous friends, of course. its pretty groovy.

but yeah, at work we jsut lost 2 managers. meaninggggggggggggggg i have to work allll the fucking time. gross. buuuuuuuuuut at least im not doing overnights every nightexcept for saturdays, like usual.. and i have to do one tonight and tomorrow, but its only once in a blue.... right? yeah.. ill stay positive for now... right on.

i love the feeling of pure clean after a bubble bath.. yup. good stuff... :]

im going to leave you now. who know's when ill be back? cuz i sure dont.. <33 love.


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[10 May 2008|04:12am]
[ mood | ... ]

the trees are really green and flowery this year.. i wonder why.
i love the spring. so much.

i also love going on adventures with my friends. but i hate boring days and bad moods.. but hey, they happen, then they end.. every day is different.


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[04 Mar 2008|11:08pm]
[ mood | calm ]

today some jehova's witnesses came to my door and handed me a paper... i burned it when they left.


freedom of individuality.

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[03 Mar 2008|12:12am]
[ mood | high ]

COOLblu25: so how have you been?
SlapOnSomePants: busy
SlapOnSomePants: u
COOLblu25: sick.. and poor
COOLblu25: my friend is pretty much homeless, so ive been helping her out.. it wouldnt be so bad, but she has a 3 year old also..
SlapOnSomePants: :-(
COOLblu25: yeah.. its putting a strain on me, but i want to help her.. she needs it more than i do..
SlapOnSomePants: needs what
COOLblu25: everything.
COOLblu25: everything she has, is in her car.
COOLblu25: shes down to her last 10$
SlapOnSomePants: well there are places to help people in that situation
COOLblu25: and she cant even work cuz she needs to be with her kid and she works 3rd shift.
COOLblu25: i know.
COOLblu25: but its not as easy as it seems
COOLblu25: shes pending on housing..
COOLblu25: shes staying at my other friends house tonight.
SlapOnSomePants: yea
COOLblu25: i feel like a really good person..
COOLblu25: like.. im helping her raise her kid in a way too..
COOLblu25: its making me want to go into child psychology..
COOLblu25: i bought aqua teen season 3 today for myself.
SlapOnSomePants: good choice
COOLblu25: mmmhmm i watched it today..
COOLblu25: i was gonna get 5, but i was like. eh.. i want to see some of the older ones first
COOLblu25: ive learned to appretiate what i have, you know?
SlapOnSomePants: mhm
COOLblu25: everything i own is either nessesity, sentimental, or very meaningful in some way.. and then my few bath luxuries and my amazing cd collection... both very meaningful.
COOLblu25: haha
COOLblu25: ans xmas lights
COOLblu25: but i take little for granted anymore..
COOLblu25: ive never been broke before.. and it sucks..
COOLblu25: pile school ontop of work and i dont know what to do sometimes..
COOLblu25: but i feel like i can handle it now.. without having to much of a mental breakdown..
COOLblu25: im the shittiest ive ever been in terms of life.. but im the most optimistic as well..
COOLblu25: spring is on its way
COOLblu25: thanks for lettimg me get that out of my system.
SlapOnSomePants: mhm
SlapOnSomePants: my head is killig me
SlapOnSomePants: or id be talking more
COOLblu25: im sorry.
COOLblu25: advil.

life. ugh.

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[16 Feb 2008|01:42pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

ok, so ive having a growth spurt.

i recently started eating healthier and working out more and not eating junk all the time and getting more sleep. yeah... a lot.. but it paid off. im conciderably slimmer, and even TALLER!!! me, short little me.. im growing.. and growing up, not out.. hah.

but yeah, i feel a lot older now too.. not just because the age, but the fact that i am no longer an adolescent.. not a teenager.. my brain is almost done. its wonderful, really. and i know this, because i take adolescent psychology.

i really love all my classes this semester. i have ad.psych, medical terminology, anthropology, and music theory/piano. i also go to tiff's anotomy2 class cuz like i said the other day, we carpool. so instead of sitting around for an hr, i learn.. weird. but i like anaotmy, so i WANT to pay attention.. so far my quiz grade is 100%. dont ask how that happened...

but anyways, in my ad.psych class we are doing proup research projects on the various vtages of adolescent age groups. i was assigned "females grades 10-12". perfect. ive had my life journal all though my adolescense.. im planning on reading it all.. ALLL.. to find out who i was as apposed to who i am.. cuz a person forgets, or fails to notice.. you know.. yup.

but im still crazy.. :)

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